Top Tech Females Creating Inclusive and Diverse Workplaces

Women like Maria Martinez and Tracy Keogh hold a place of honor in the tech industry for their tireless efforts promoting diversity and creating an inclusive environment for women in the workplace. Martinez, who is President of Sales and Customers Success at Salesforce, and Keogh, Chief Human Resources Officer for Hewlett-Packard, are among ten women recognized this year by Tech Diversity Magazine for promoting a legacy of diversity and inclusion within the industry.

“Women in the technology industry face unique challenges, so highly successful female leaders inspire young women to face such hurdles with confidence and pursue their dreams in the industry. These women drive change, innovate, and inspire others to success while contributing to business growth,” Dennis Kennedy, Founder and CEO of Tech Diversity Magazine, says.

Martinez is a distinct example, stating, “I feel like it’s my responsibility to highlight possibility for women of all ages. I have a daughter and a vested interest in paving the way for her—and for her generation—so that she has access to even more opportunity. I hope that my involvement in these efforts may inspire other women to pursue their passions, to take risks, or to mentor someone else.”

“Diversity leads to having better and more successful organizations. The people you bring up in turn bring up other people,” Keogh says. “There’s a tipping point, and then it becomes the rule.”

Tech Diversity’s honorees are at the highest executive levels in companies like Google, Netflix, Dell, and Advanced Micro Devices. They work each day to move closer to that tipping point. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg created the Lean In movement following the publication of her book by the same name. Lean In is a rallying cry for women of all ages to change the conversation surrounding female potential in the workplace, focusing on possibility and not limitations, highlighting gender differences and offering tips to help women achieve their goals.

The path toward a more equal world for women requires individuals leaning in, but also female leaders and the companies for which they work to reach out. “It’s my job to empower others. I take the responsibility very seriously. I want people to achieve their greatest potential and bring their whole selves to work,” Keogh says.

These ten women have earned distinction from Tech Diversity Magazine this year.

Tawni Cranz
Chief Talent Officer | Netflix

Tracy Keogh
Chief Human Resources Officer | HP

Colette Kress
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer | NVIDIA

Maria Martinez
President of Sales and Customer Success | Salesforce

Donna Morris
Senior Vice President, Human Resources | Adobe

Karen H. Quintos
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer | Dell

Maryam Rofougaran
Senior Vice President, Engineering | Broadcom

Sheryl Sandberg
Chief Operating Officer | Facebook

Lisa Su
President and CEO | AMD

Susan Wojcicki
CEO | Youtube