Welcome to Tech Diversity Magazine, a wide-ranging online publication where we seek to stir a conversation on diversity & inclusion inside the world’s foremost engine of innovation: tech. Indeed, technology continues to transform our lives; pushing every person on this planet two, three steps closer to one another. With all this new interconnectivity, our reach into the hopes & dreams roiling in under-represented communities has never been wider. Our opportunity has never been better. Our responsibility has never been greater.


In this new paradigm, otherwise marginalized voices have been handed megaphones to broadcast what they like, what they dislike and what they love to an audience of the world stage. It has enabled the formation of expansive networks that give the traditionally under-represented not only louder voices, but the ability to collect those voices towards common and collaborative endeavors. The top thinkers in tech are already tapping into that spirit with Employee Resource Groups such as Black Googler Network. We can do more. We, now, have access to the entire aggregate of human experience. Let’s reach everyone, everywhere.


Many studies have been done illustrating the great gains that can be had from investing in the minds of individuals in these under-represented communities, with all of their unique backgrounds. That investment takes long strides towards ‘diversity of thought,’ which captures innovation that would otherwise be lost in the pools of unheard voices. Our thinking is simple: Greater levels of diversity in the workforce enable the full contribution of that workforce: better experiences, better products, better solutions.


The profit motive is not all there is. Giving voice and opportunities to those without is a goal in of itself. And it is something we can ask of ourselves because the cause is worthy. Tech Diversity Magazine will explore the issues that women, minorities, and LGBTQ individuals face while leaving space to include veterans, the disabled, and anyone else who is neglected in corporations and the global community at large. We’ll do it for business and we’ll do it for community.