It’s Important Minority Owned Organizations – Leap Out of The Comfort Zone
Minority Owned organizations tend to wait on contracts, go after RFP’s, and then wait for the results. These are barriers that can hold you back. How often have you listened as someone rationalized his or her mishandling of a business problem by externalizing its source: “I can’t meet my projections because . . .,” “They won’t do business with a company of my size” or “the margins are too low”? Closer scrutiny almost always reveals the source of the problem to be internal, stemming from the persons concept of self – specifically, a state of mind that prevents him or her from trying to break through their “success barrier.” This state of mind is your “comfort zone.” When it comes to expanding your base of business, you will find that the biggest business development challenge you face is not mastering some complex new concept, but rather changing your current behavior patterns and thought processes in order to use simple ideas to get different results. For most minority owned organizations, it is difficult for us to make even simple changes. Most of us feel we have to work in our business, even when we are successful, therefore you are caught in a “comfort zone”. But today, you are going to leap out of your comfort zone! Why? Because economic development in your market is good for every one that isn’t comfortable.

Comfort zone: A behavioral place, situation, or level where someone feels confident and comfortable. Operating in your comfort zone reduces stress and risk, but limits growth!

Why It’s Important to Develop Business:
  1. Developing business gives you more control over your career.
  2. Developing business allows your organization to win today.
  3. Developing business puts mo money, in your bank account.
  4. Developing business takes you out of your comfort zone.
Excuses for Not Developing Business
  1. I don’t have time to develop business.
  2. Nobody ever showed me how to develop business.
  3. That is somebody else’s job.
  4. I’m not comfortable developing business.
Look at your comfort zone as a barrier to success, but also as a motivator – because breaking through your success barrier to higher and higher levels will bring with it the exhilaration of accomplishment, and mo money, mo money in your bank account. Go for it!