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Top 30 Under 30: Nominations

No industry absorbs the energy and brilliance of young people like the industry of technology. Indeed, some of the most exciting tech companies in the world are run by leaders hardly in their 30s – or even younger. And in a future focused field that changes with such speed, it is no surprise that it is these younger generations making so many incredible strides promoting innovation. The National Diversity Council is proud to honor the young leaders at the forefront of that effort.   Criteria A leader, at the age of 30 or below, in his/her organization or profession...

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Nike CEO Speaks to Employees on Race

A lot has been said, and been done, by corporations in North Carolina to combat the disease of discrimination against the state’s LGBT citizens by the state itself. Many, however, are waiting for a similar reaction from the nation’s largest companies in protest of the terrible violence being inflicted on African-American men and women across the country. Corporate Activism Click Nike CEO and Chairman Mike Parker sent a letter to his employees reflecting on his thoughts of the past few weeks and calling for a better dialogue. Like many of you, I’m struggling to make sense of the incomprehensible....

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2016 Top 50 Multicultural Leaders

The National Diversity Council has announced the 2016 Top 50 Multicultural Leaders in Technology, a definitive list of the most prominent leaders in the industry. They have reached the top of their profession and are effective leaders in their organization. They drive change, innovate and inspire others to succeed while contributing to business growth. “Through the Top 50 Multicultural Leaders in Technology website, my hope is to specifically recognize the achievements of people of color who are breaking barriers and setting high standards for themselves and others,” said National Diversity Council Founder & Chairman Dennis Kennedy. The Top 50...

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President Obama Speaks at GES2016

Entrepreneurship inherently depends on the fostering of a new ideas, perspectives, and experiences, a process greatly helped by changing the faces in the room to reflect our global society. At the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Palo Alto, California, President Barack Obama spoke to that ideal to a packed crowd of tech executives and young entrepreneurs, both.   “It turns out that starting your own business is not that easy. That it can be especially difficult for women and young people and minorities. You deserve the same chance to succeed as everybody else.” Barack Obama POTUS The President also congratulated...

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Affirmative Action Wins in Supreme Court

Supporters of affirmative action won a decisive victory today as the United States Supreme Court rejected a challenge to the University of Texas’ admission programs, which takes into account racial & socioeconomic backgrounds. It was a 4-3 decision, with Elena Kagan recusing herself from the case because of her previous work arguing against the suit as United States solicitor general and Justice Antonin Scalia’s sudden passing a few months prior. Otherwise, in the case of Fisher v The University of Texas the Supreme Court was split along its usual divide – with Anthony Kennedy casting the swing vote.  ...

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