Month: June 2016

President Obama Speaks at GES2016

Entrepreneurship inherently depends on the fostering of a new ideas, perspectives, and experiences, a process greatly helped by changing the faces in the room to reflect our global society. At the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Palo Alto, California, President Barack Obama spoke to that ideal to a packed crowd of tech executives and young entrepreneurs, both.   “It turns out that starting your own business is not that easy. That it can be especially difficult for women and young people and minorities. You deserve the same chance to succeed as everybody else.” Barack Obama POTUS The President also congratulated...

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Affirmative Action Wins in Supreme Court

Supporters of affirmative action won a decisive victory today as the United States Supreme Court rejected a challenge to the University of Texas’ admission programs, which takes into account racial & socioeconomic backgrounds. It was a 4-3 decision, with Elena Kagan recusing herself from the case because of her previous work arguing against the suit as United States solicitor general and Justice Antonin Scalia’s sudden passing a few months prior. Otherwise, in the case of Fisher v The University of Texas the Supreme Court was split along its usual divide – with Anthony Kennedy casting the swing vote.  ...

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Corporate Activism

In March, North Carolina’s Governor, Pat McCrory, signed House Bill 2 (HB2), also known as North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law, into law.  The new, state law establishes a statewide nondiscrimination ordinance that explicitly preempts any local nondiscrimination measures and, thereby, limits protected classes in North Carolina to race, religion, color, national origin and biological sex.  Thus, the statute prevents cities from passing ordinances that include sexual orientation and gender identity protections.  The statute is also known as the “Bathroom Bill” because it mandates public schools and agencies to require single-sex bathroom utilization based on “biological sex,” the gender designated on...

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Smart Power

“Forty percent of today’s businesses will not exist in a meaningful way in 10 years.”  John Chambers, Cisco’s recently retired CEO, announced this at a recent conference here in San Diego. He may be right. More large businesses are failing to thrive. Their leaders stifle positive innovation and drive value-destroying negative innovation because of their hard power mindsets. In our new world of unexpected technologies and unseen competitors a new mind of successful business leadership is coming from a new source— women. This is why: There are three basic paradigms of leadership power: Hard Power, which is the willful...

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Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, graduate enrollment for racial and ethnic minorities is increasing. A propitious approach in continuing to increase the level of diversity among graduate schools is the Intellectual Entrepreneurship Consortium (IE) in the Division of Diversity & Community Engagement at the University of Texas at Austin. The consortium comprises several programs, such as the Pre-Graduate School Internship, a course in which students pick a graduate student and/or faculty mentor and submit a contract or syllabus outlining their individualized objectives for the semester. Examples of submitted goals are conducting research projects, networking at conferences,...

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