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Women’s Empowerment: The Path to Diversity in STEM Over 50% of working professionals, the people on Facebook, the people on Twitter, are women. Women are the highest consumers of online products, and we need more women...

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North Carolina Finds New Enemy in LGBT War

A month ago, Bank of America – North Carolina’s largest employer – joined companies like Facebook and Paypal in condemning House Bill 2 (HB2) which is now widely known as the state’s “bathroom bill.” The bill eliminated...

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Google Proposes Female STEM Emojis

We’ve come to recognize how our unconscious biases make the effort of diversifying America’s STEM workforce so much more difficult. These biases our present everywhere, even filtering down into the ways we communicate in the...

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White House Announces Final Science Fair

The sixth and final White House Science Fair of President Obama’s Administration will be held on April 13, 2016 For the last five years, President Obama has invited students to bring their brilliance to the State Dining Room of...

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