On October 13, 2016, we are celebrating the most powerful women in technology right in the heart of Silicon Valley at the Hyatt Regency. The theme of the night is “Women in Tech: Inventors, Innovators and Entrepreneurs”. Dennis Kennedy explains, “These women are the most prominent leaders, and they have reached the top of their profession by being effective leaders in their organization. They drive change, innovate, and inspire others to succeed while contributing to business growth.”

There is no shortage of those in our selection of influential women. Well-known names like Sheryl Sandberg and Susan Wojcicki and Marissa Mayer dot the fifty-long list, but there are also plenty of under-appreciated tech stars who will be given their just do: powerful women like Tracy Keogh – Chief Human Resources Officer at HP – and Sarah Friar – Chief Financial Officer at Square.

Inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs like the named above will begin the night with an exclusive “meet and greet” at 5PM which is closed to non-awardees. There they’ll have the ability to chat with similarly powerful and like-minded peers in the technology industry. Afterwards, there will be a reception which will be open to non-awardees and celebrate the women whose daily contributions are being recognized.

It validates the hard work that all of us do in the name of diversity and inclusion. It really brings home how important diversity and inclusion is in addition to women in leadership.

Luann Pendy

SVP, Global Quality, Medtronic

Finally, the night will end with a fantastic dinner where awardees and guests will be able to sit down and dish over a catered meal.

We honored to feature such a powerful group of inspirational women reaching new heights of achievement in business. For registration and volunteer & sponsorship opportunities, visit top50tech.org.