Every day there seems to be a new think piece on the last, failing breath of the thriving startup culture in the technology industry. Every day, however, the entrepreneurial spirit driving that culture beats a touch stronger and new ideas, new inventions, new innovations give many more breaths to keep the culture suspended in air a while longer. Tech Diversity Magazine believes diverse backgrounds help drive diverse outlooks help drive those forward-thinking innovations. Now, we are proud to recognize the soaring startups from women and people of color that will push the technology industry several steps forward.

Our criteria for Distinguished Startups are as follows:

  • A new entrepreneurial venture from a woman or person of color
  • Illustrative of the entrepreneur’s unique outlook
  • Exhibits early signs of growth and future profitability
  • Brings forth strong elements of innovation and disruption
  • Operates with the highest integrity and ethical behavior
  • Serves as a model that inspires others, particularly new generations of entrepreneurs

If your startup – or a startup you believe in – fulfills these high standards, please nominate it using the form below.