Among tech companies residing in the Bay Area, there are of course only a handful of black, female CEOs. That handful got a little bigger today as TaskRabbit, an online marketplace that matches freelance laborers – in cleaning, moving, delivery, etc. – with local demand, promoted Chief Operating Officer Stacy Brown-Philbot to CEO after Founder Leah Brusque stepped down from the position.

Ms. Brusque, currently expecting her second child, explained, “I’m leaning into a few other causes I’m passionate about, including my family.”

Ms. Brown-Philbot has a long history of advancing the cause of diversity in the tech industry. At Google, where she worked for almost ten years, she founded the Black Googler Network, an employee resource group which focuses on talented African-Americans at the technology giant. She is also a Director at Black Girls Code, which offers numerous programs to help inspire young, African-American girls to pursue careers in STEM.

African-Americans only account for an estimated 2 percent of technology workers in Silicon Valley, less than half the percentage who graduate with Computer Science & Engineering degrees. Stacy Brown-Philbot might serve to evolve the industry’s lacking diversity.