Author: Nicole Hickman

5 Ways to Attract & Retain Diversity in Tech

Diversity is defined as being composed of different elements or qualities. Gender, thought, ethnicity, background, religion and many more make up various types of diversity. Diversity is composed of the characteristics that make us different. Without our diverse experiences and ways of thinking, many of the innovations in the world we see and use today may not have been designed or created.  Therefore it is imperative we consider it in the quest for and retention of talent in Tech. Diversify the Talent Pipeline. With the given talent shortage and wars currently occurring in Silicon Valley, this seems like a...

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Greene Scholars is building a pipeline of young African American students who are excited to learn more about STEM

The issue of diversity and inclusion is very prevalent in Silicon Valley. Recently, a group of more than 150 CEOs from some of the world’s leading companies have signed on to the CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion, in an effort to advance diversity and inclusion in the workplace, an issue is often debated or discussed. However, there is not a lot of discussion about the myriad of unsung heroes in organizations that work with minority students, especially to build their capabilities in STEM. One of those organizations is the Dr. Frank S. Greene Scholars Program (GSP). The Greene Scholars...

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Ten Questions on Diversity in Entrepreneurship

Waukeshia D. Jackson of Jackson & Lowe LLP sits down to talk about Intellectual Property Law, Entrepreneurship and STEM. What is an IP attorney? Nicole Hickman PayPal What did you do before becoming an attorney? Nicole Hickman PayPal Software Engineering and an IP attorney seem different but yet like they have things that are in common. Can you explain the correlation? Nicole Hickman PayPal Where did you go to college and what did you study? Nicole Hickman PayPal You are a Founding Member/Managing Partner of JL Law Group. When did you decide to become an entrepreneur? Nicole Hickman PayPal...

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