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Distinguished Diversity Professionals: Nominations

Diverse backgrounds drive diverse outlooks drive forward-thinking innovations. This is the belief of Tech Diversity Magazine, backed by study after study illustrating the positive correlation between diversity and business performance. Recognizing this, the tech industry as a whole has worked to instill a greater diversity in its ranks. Many have gone further, designating dedicated professionals to lead the effort towards closing the demographic gaps that only serve to slow progress down. The National Diversity Council seeks to honor these professionals tirelessly doing that important and necessary work.   Criteria A leader in his or her organization dedicated to diversity...

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Apple Setting Pace for Tech Diversity

Flying with the theme of celebrating diversity, Apple released a new iPhone ad to air specifically for the Olympics that plays Maya Angelou’s ‘Human Family’ as backing to juxtaposing images of diverse peoples from every corner of the world. Apple has released its new diversity figures and the numbers are encouraging. The report shows that the Cupertino-based tech giant has completely closed the wage gap between men & women along with white & nonwhite employees. By digging into their compensation schedules from salaries to bonuses to stocks, Apple made sure to firmly tie role and performance into pay. Promisingly,...

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White House Brings On CODE2040 CEO

Laura Weidman Powers, CEO of CODE2040, is heading to the White House for a 6 month appointment as a senior policy advisor in the Office of Science and Technology Policy. CODE2040 began in 2012 with a vision from Ms. Powers and co-founder Tristan Walker to enhance the STEM pipeline for under-represented groups and advance those groups towards prosperous careers in the tech industry – and as entrepreneurs. Nadia Gathers, Communications Coordinator at CODE2040, explained, “We [currently] have 7 entrepreneurs in Residence in 7 cities around the United States, all of which are housed in Google for Entrepreneurs tech hubs.”...

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Soaring Startups

Every day there seems to be a new think piece on the last, failing breath of the thriving startup culture in the technology industry. Every day, however, the entrepreneurial spirit driving that culture beats a touch stronger and new ideas, new inventions, new innovations give many more breaths to keep the culture suspended in air a while longer. Tech Diversity Magazine believes diverse backgrounds help drive diverse outlooks help drive those forward-thinking innovations. Now, National Diversity Council is proud to recognize the soaring startups from women and people of color that will push multiple industries several steps forward. GoldieBlox...

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Hillary Clinton Plans Big on Tech

Presumptive Democratic nominee for President and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced a new initiative on innovation and technology that builds upon the foundations set by President Barack Obama. Among the pillars of this initiative is a renewed focus on supporting diversity in tech, including aiding budding entrepreneurs “who start social enterprises or new businesses in distressed communities the opportunity by potentially awarding forgiveness of up to $17,500 of their student loans after 5 years.” Ms. Clinton’s initiative centers on five main goals: Building the Tech Economy on Main Street Investing in World Class Digital Infrastructure Advancing...

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