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Here’s Your Chance To Find A Job Somewhere That ‘Sets The Bar For Women In Tech’

No company is perfect. But some employers are doing so many incredible things to make their employees as happy as possible. If you have an inkling that you don’t work at one of these companies, you’re probably in the majority. But you’re also in luck. Why? Because we’ve heard from lots of different women at one particular company that is doing a lot of things right — and you may be able to find a job there. Salesforce — described by one employee as a “wonderful company [that] I couldn’t recommend more highly” — is hiring a ton right...

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A Confidence Gap Is Keeping Women Out Of Tech — Here’s How To Close It

When you’re looking for jobs, how likely are you to apply for a position if you don’t feel like your experience is a 100% match for the job description? Studies suggest that women are much more likely than men to deem ourselves unqualified when job searching. Fairygodboss Co-founder Romy Newman puts it simply: “If there are five things you need to be able to do for this job, men will apply if they can do two. Women only apply if they can do all five.” In the age of all things digital — when job functions and the workforce...

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These 30 Companies Ranked As The Best Places For Women To Work In 2017

Every year, we take a look at the employee reviews left by women in the Fairygodboss community to try to understand which companies are ranked most highly by female employees for job satisfaction and gender equality. For 2017, our users got to talking, and the results are in — here are this year’s top 30 best companies for women: Boston Consulting Group Dell Accenture PepsiCo General Electric Salesforce, Deloitte and PwC (tied) Vanguard Group and Apple (tied) American Express Company Kaiser Permanente Thomson Reuters Time Inc. Cisco Systems Microsoft Google and Bloomberg (tied) McKinsey & Company KPMG EY Wells...

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9 Companies That Are Hiring In LOTS Of Cities

Are you tired of finding the job of your dreams…and then realizing you’d have to move across the country in order to work at the company? If you’re not into relocating for work, check out jobs at these 9 companies — they’re hiring in several cities across the U.S.! Fidelity Investments is hiring in New York, California, D.C., Massachusetts, Texas, and Illinois. Accenture is hiring in D.C., Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Virginia, California, Colorado, Georgia, Washington, Minnesota, Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, and Michigan. Apple is hiring in California, New York, Washington, Texas, and more....

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This Company Is Doing Amazing Things To Help Caregivers Return To STEM Careers

Given the rapid rate at which technology sheds its skin to reveal new, yet-more innovative layers, it’s understandable that caregivers may feel intimidated to re-enter this field after taking a career break. Here to make that transition easier is United Technologies Corporation (UTC). The global Fortune 50 Company, in partnership with iRelaunch and the Society of Women Engineers, is rolling out a new initiative called the UTCRe-Empower Program. The program is designed to help experienced professionals who have been out of the workforce for two or more years return to their career. Offering coaching, mentorship, and relevant work experience, participants in...

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