Author: Marisa Richard

Tech Teachings: The New Language of Apple

The recent launch of the iPhone X has jolted the customer excitement with impressive new features and spectacular OLED screen. iPhone X is the combination of compelling design but also an impressive look, and this has left no doubt in the technology spectators to see more out of Apple than ever before. Apple has confirmed its one of the most expensive mobile phones, which is yet to be on the market until November 3rd,  but what makes it the most expensive phone? To find out, the starting point is the Insight analysis of iPhone X specification. OLED screen, Face...

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Two University of Texas Students are Helping Campuses and Communities Discover Interesting Thoughts and People

  When friends Eric Ngo, a physics student and Ashar Malik, an engineering student, enrolled at the University of Texas they had no idea it would be so hard to gain a social circle or get a pickup game of volleyball going, especially with a student body of 50,000+. They also had no idea that their title would change from friends to co-founders when those exact issues prompted them to develop an app that would cultivate meetups, relationships and conversations all in one called, Kickit. On college campuses, where events and gatherings thrive off of being in-the-now, it can...

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