Author: Devin Hughes

Women Need Visibility in Corporate America

Any strides in gender equity in corporate America are taking place at such a slow pace that it could be another 100 years for women to have equal number of top executive jobs as their male counterparts, according to a new study.  In fact, if there is any information that can be gleaned from this research, it is that the corporate diversity initiatives aren’t working to reverse the worrying trend. The study (Women in the Workplace), conducted by McKinsey & Company and revealed that women still encounter more barriers to climb the corporate ladder than their male counterparts....

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Gender Inequality Is Killing the American Dream

“He’s the best man for the job.” It is hard to imagine a more chauvinistic and arrogant statement than that! Yet variations on this phrase have been uttered by men about men forever, in spite of changes to cultural norms. In his press conference announcing the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court nomination, President George H.W. Bush used the phrase “best man” several times, even though the Clarence Thomas nomination hearings were filled with scandal and acrimony, and he was confirmed by the narrowest vote margin in history. In the corporate workplace of today, it is most assuredly not the workplace...

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