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Profile: The Educator

Whitney Shelley heard the call to teach, but as it turned out her students weren’t the 5th graders she expected. Instead, she gravitated to adult learners and entered tech, using her math degree to become a design engineer and then the 43rd female Microsoft engineering instructor in the world. Shelley’s was a traveling classroom focused on authorized Microsoft network engineering classes and eventually led to her teaching the very first community college Microsoft certified program. “I loved that. I loved teaching. I loved people that wanted to be there. I loved technology and the engineering component,” Shelley says. When...

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NDC Study Shows Texas Lags Behind National Norms

Leadership Diversity Realities at Top Texas Companies The National Diversity Council’s 2016 study of 100 Fortune 1000 corporations in Texas, shows progressive companies making strides with Corporate Social Responsibility in terms of marketing and branding, but falling woefully short on CSR outreach and internal CSR Diversity and Inclusion initiatives to move minorities and women into executive leadership and board of director roles. Using a combination of public, online and corporate research methods, NDC obtained biographical information on directors and executive leaders to measure racial, ethnic and gender diversity. The effect of corporate public commitment to Diversity and Inclusion was...

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Shifting Demographics

A marked change is taking place in workplace demographics across the country that has employers scrambling to leverage the advantages of generational diversity to sustain business beyond the retirement of its most experienced and knowledgeable Baby Boomer leaders. For years, companies focused on managing younger generations of employees, but with 34% of today’s managerial roles occupied by Millennials, that ship has sailed. Today’s corporate focus targets organizational brainpower and how to effectively shift it to new groups of younger and more culturally diverse managers and employees. This process, however, is fraught with generational nuances and creates a challenging dynamic...

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Profile: Monica Pool Knox

          Ten years in, Monica Pool Knox faced a defining moment. Two paths. Which to choose? Parlay stellar recruiting skills into a sales career or embrace the unknown of an international HR assignment in Puerto Rico? Ultimately, curiosity and the thrill of a challenge won her over. “It was a pivotal time for me because I was thrown into a new environment where I had to learn everything. I had to learn to communicate. I was not fluent in Spanish. I had staff members on my team that were not bi-lingual. I had to learn...

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Tech Women Leaning In & Reaching Out

Top Tech Females Creating Inclusive and Diverse Workplaces Women like Maria Martinez and Tracy Keogh hold a place of honor in the tech industry for their tireless efforts promoting diversity and creating an inclusive environment for women in the workplace. Martinez, who is President of Sales and Customers Success at Salesforce, and Keogh, Chief Human Resources Officer for Hewlett-Packard, are among ten women recognized this year by Tech Diversity Magazine for promoting a legacy of diversity and inclusion within the industry. “Women in the technology industry face unique challenges, so highly successful female leaders inspire young women to face...

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