Month: September 2017

3 Ways This Tech Company Fosters Great Leadership

Being a leader in the workplace is not easy. In addition to overseeing a variety of projects, managers are tasked with overseeing people. Whether you’re a manager or you report to one, you’ve probably come to the realization that when things at work get busy, leaders tend to prioritize their more concrete responsibilities, and it can be hard for them to devote as much time to developing and training other employees. Krista North, who’s worked in various leadership positions throughout her career, knows that feeling all too well. “I have always loved the coaching aspect of leadership—but in most management roles I’ve had in...

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Starting Your Career In Tech? Advice From A Salesforce Security Whiz

What’s even more fun than building insanely innovative new tech products? Breaking them. Just ask Astha Singhal. Originally from India, Singhal got her Masters in Information Security at Carnegie Mellon before joining Salesforce four years ago through our FutureForce university recruiting program. On the Product Security Team, Singhal was key to ensuring that the products and features we create are secure. Today, she runs the Salesforce AppExchange security review team, testing the security of all new apps before they go on the market. As if that’s not enough to fill her days, Singhal also heads up university recruiting for our security team....

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Tech Teachings: The New Language of Apple

The recent launch of the iPhone X has jolted the customer excitement with impressive new features and spectacular OLED screen. iPhone X is the combination of compelling design but also an impressive look, and this has left no doubt in the technology spectators to see more out of Apple than ever before. Apple has confirmed its one of the most expensive mobile phones, which is yet to be on the market until November 3rd,  but what makes it the most expensive phone? To find out, the starting point is the Insight analysis of iPhone X specification. OLED screen, Face...

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The Impact of Education on Women in Tech

As far back as I can remember, computers and technology were a part of my life. Whether it was playing Pitfall or using my Tandy 1000 to learn how to type, my family utilized technology. Early on, I was always good at math and enjoyed science. My wonderful high school math teacher/mentor encouraged me to think about how software technology could be used to support math and science. After obtaining my degree in mechanical engineering, I looked for a job where I could leverage my analytical skills in technology. This led me to global professional services company, Accenture, and...

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