Month: August 2017

AUTOMATION: Challenges and Changes in the IT Job Sector

The world today has been witnessing a radical shift towards automation. To make things less cynical and more lucid to my readers, let me begin by reminding you of Android’s Speech recognition apps, Windows’ Cortana or Apple’s Siri for that matter when you would be too lazy to open your music player app and prefer just uttering, “Play me a song” to immerse in a tuneful evening. Now, that you have acknowledged and accepted the entrant of automation in your life, let’s steer to a serious subject where automation has emerged as a potential threat to job security and...

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Want Diversity? Put Your Hiring Criteria Under a Microscope.

I’ve spent a lot of time lately talking to companies about the struggle to bring more diverse talent into their organizations. During our discussions, the topic of culture fit always surfaces as a challenge that causes more harm than good. In the work context, culture fit is defined as the ability of a person to conform and adapt to the values and collective behaviors that make up an organization. But with a little help from the advent of the tech sector, culture fit has morphed into decision making akin to: do they think like me? Do they look like...

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Meet Nina Vir and Her Fashion Forecast Startup

Nina Vir may have gotten her start at the prestigious Babson College, a private business school known for its nationally ranked entrepreneurship program, but her success ultimately flourished thanks to her ingenuity and fierce perseverance. Spending her days juggling between daily tasks and long-term projects, the recent college graduate is the founder and CEO of the internet company, Daily Dress Me. Daily Dress Me, a fashion-forward re-imagination of the weather app, uses a proprietary algorithm to style trending outfits using clothes from retailers based on the user’s local weather forecast. Users simply enter in their preferred city and the...

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What’s It Like To Be A Woman Working In Tech? Meet The Women Of Asana

Occasionally we feature employers and women at companies that support gender diversity and inclusion. This week we’d like to introduce you to some great women at Asana. If you would like to feature your company here, please contact us at [email protected]. Wondering what female employees are like at one of the hottest tech startups in the Bay Area? Meet the women of Asana, a web and mobile application designed to help teams track their work. Recently, the company convened several lady Asana’s —from Product and Design to Marketing and Recruiting—to talk about what it means to be a woman in the workplace...

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5 Ways to Attract & Retain Diversity in Tech

Diversity is defined as being composed of different elements or qualities. Gender, thought, ethnicity, background, religion and many more make up various types of diversity. Diversity is composed of the characteristics that make us different. Without our diverse experiences and ways of thinking, many of the innovations in the world we see and use today may not have been designed or created.  Therefore it is imperative we consider it in the quest for and retention of talent in Tech. Diversify the Talent Pipeline. With the given talent shortage and wars currently occurring in Silicon Valley, this seems like a...

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