Month: July 2017

These Three Young App Developers are Changing the Way High School Students Keep Up With Each Other

By: Elizabeth Petrov, Serena Chang, and Xavier Lu   Ideas are the start of everything. They are the first steps in any great invention or innovation. As light bulbs, calculators, computers, and phones were invented and developed, a magnificent virtual platform was developed to inspire ideas. Now, in 2017, everything is convenient through apps. To text a crush, just start a Snapchat streak! Need a ride home? Call an Uber! People are getting increasingly impatient now with the shortcuts around corners of daily life. Especially for younger generations where 7 year olds have iPad’s and social media plays an...

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5 Innovative Camps Introducing Girls To Tech Careers

This article was previously published on Fairygodboss   Girls are less likely than boys to be told by parents and teachers that they would be good at computer science. Girls are also less likely to participate in extracurricular tech programs and less aware of how to learn computer science via the internet. Yet, tech sector jobs are among the highest-paying occupations for women. Just as important, technology provides a powerful medium for girls and women to create meaningful solutions to global problems and to tell stories that shape how we view the world. Here are five summer programs to help you encourage a girl to create,...

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Two University of Texas Students are Helping Campuses and Communities Discover Interesting Thoughts and People

  When friends Eric Ngo, a physics student and Ashar Malik, an engineering student, enrolled at the University of Texas they had no idea it would be so hard to gain a social circle or get a pickup game of volleyball going, especially with a student body of 50,000+. They also had no idea that their title would change from friends to co-founders when those exact issues prompted them to develop an app that would cultivate meetups, relationships and conversations all in one called, Kickit. On college campuses, where events and gatherings thrive off of being in-the-now, it can...

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