Under the leadership of Dennis Kennedy, National Diversity Council is launching the first annual Tech Diversity Week, a five-day space for events – including fairs, concerts, panels, workshops and award ceremonies – where tech professionals, STEM educators, students and entrepreneurs will gather to celebrate and advance the cause of diversity & inclusion in the technology industry.

The occasion promises to serve as an opportunity to bring the brightest minds and let them bounce ideas off one another concerning tech, diversity, inclusion, and the cross-sections in between.

“Almost a decade ago, I founded the National Diversity Council to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace,” says Dennis Kennedy, “Even back then, I imagined we could create spaces like this where people from diverse backgrounds could come together, connect, and build something bigger.”

Entrepreneurs will be given a platform to market their bold ideas. Universities will be connected to a pool of upstart youth who will soon become these schools’ most powerful undergraduate classes. Tech giants, start-ups and every business in between will be able to tap into the diverse backgrounds and outlooks that exist untouched in under-represented communities. And anyone interested in social responsibility will be right in the middle of the cross-section of present and future innovators who will help push the world that much closer towards an arc of social justice and equality.

Tech Diversity Week is set to launch in Silicon Valley (April 24-28) and Austin, TX (September 25-28), two vibrant communities where the tech industry is ever-present. In the future, TDW will branch out into cities and communities where the industry is rapidly emerging, offering exclusive events, entertainers, speakers and awards that will match those communities’ unique flavor.

Visit www.diversitytechweek.org for more information and find out how you can contribute to diversity in tech.