Month: November 2016

Remembering Minorities in Mergers

It’s hard to get in when more doors are shut. On October 22nd, AT&T announced it would purchase Time Warner for $85.4 million. AT&T, a telecommunications service provider, and Time Warner, a news and entertainment content provider, are already two media behemoths. As Wired reported, the potential sale of Time Warner to AT&T blurs the line between content and service. The need for telecommunication companies to provide content reflect how our media system is changing and how media companies are performing more functions than the needs of information and entertainment. This raises several issues regarding consumer protections – particularly...

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Tech Diversity Week

Under the leadership of Dennis Kennedy, National Diversity Council is launching the first annual Tech Diversity Week, a five-day space for events – including fairs, concerts, panels, workshops and award ceremonies – where tech professionals, STEM educators, students and entrepreneurs will gather to celebrate and advance the cause of diversity & inclusion in the technology industry. The occasion promises to serve as an opportunity to bring the brightest minds and let them bounce ideas off one another concerning tech, diversity, inclusion, and the cross-sections in between. “Almost a decade ago, I founded the National Diversity Council to promote diversity...

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Women Need Visibility in Corporate America

Any strides in gender equity in corporate America are taking place at such a slow pace that it could be another 100 years for women to have equal number of top executive jobs as their male counterparts, according to a new study.  In fact, if there is any information that can be gleaned from this research, it is that the corporate diversity initiatives aren’t working to reverse the worrying trend. The study (Women in the Workplace), conducted by McKinsey & Company and revealed that women still encounter more barriers to climb the corporate ladder than their male counterparts....

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Yahoo Releases 2016 Diversity Report

In keeping with the recent trend of the nation’s largest tech companies releasing their workforce demographics to the public, Yahoo has released its 2016 report on gender and racial diversity. Margenett Moore-Roberts, the head of the tech giant’s newly established Office of Inclusive Diversity, sat down with Tech Diversity Magazine to explain the numbers in more detail. In our conversation, we focused in on three central questions: What’s happening, why is it happening, and what’s next. What’s happening? “What gets measured gets done,” explained Margenett Moore Roberts. In being candid about workforce demographics, Yahoo is making sure there is...

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National CIO Symposium

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