Month: October 2016

The Algorithm Dons a Hood

“YOU really wouldn’t fit in here.” “YOU wouldn’t like the client.” So ended my first two job interviews on the old Madison Avenue. Having grown up in a fairly siloed white liberal environment and being a bit of a wanna be revolutionary, I immediately assumed they meant because I had long hair, a big mustache, sideburns and a suit that was obviously new. Then came the truth… “YOU would like the Jewish family name”… “YOU would fit in well with this department…” And the proverbial shoe dropped. I understood. It was my first encounter with bias—genteel anti-Semitism—but not my...

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Silicon Valley Wrestles With Peter Thiel

Peter Thiel has already made headlines this year springing from the causes he’s donated his many millions. This Spring, Forbes reported that Mr. Thiel had been secretly funding Hulk Hogan’s lawsuit against long-time enemy Gawker – a move that caused some backlash protesting the idea that very wealthy people could fund lawsuits to which they are not a party. Gawker, Thiel, Hogan Click Now Mr. Thiel is embroiled in another controversy that illustrates the powerful effect that money can play in the public sphere. News broke that the billionaire entrepreneur has invested over a million dollars into Republican nominee...

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Dell Expands Investment in Girls STEM

In celebration of International Day of the Girl, Dell today announced a partnership with Girls Who Code, a national non-profit organization dedicated to closing the gender gap in technology. The partnership will help strengthen and expand after-school programs in computer science education for an estimated 15,000 girls in grades 6-12 across the U.S. through a combination of financial, technical and mentorship support. In addition to a $400,000 cash donation, Dell will appoint five women technology leaders as program ambassadors to organize and deliver mentorship services. In addition to materials and supplies for the STEM curriculum, this initiative will help...

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