As the volume and complexity of information continues to rapidly increase, Chief Information Officers are becoming the point-person for innovation within their respective organizations, carefully crafting strategies to take heed and absorb opportunities from this new information era. This fact has been thoroughly recognized by Tech Diversity Magazine, most notably with 2016’s Distinguished Chief Information Officers.

Distinguished CIOs

Now, Tech Diversity Magazine is proud to present a new program that will give just due to the information age: the National CIO Symposium. Premiering in early 2017, National CIO Symposium will create a series of discussions set across the nation reflecting on the information technology and leadership topics of today and tomorrow.

The format for these discussions will consist of a moderated panel dialogue that will delve into topics of interest in which the panelists share their personal and professional perspectives on questions designed to elicit valuable information. Our participants sit at the top of a variety of industries. The wide range represented speaks to the distinctive importance these executives play in the corporate arena.

The first of these panels will sit in Austin, TX during the National Diversity Council’s Tech Diversity Week on February 14, 2017. Learn more about National CIO Symposium at the Official Website and register to reserve your spot.