Flying with the theme of celebrating diversity, Apple released a new iPhone ad to air specifically for the Olympics that plays Maya Angelou’s ‘Human Family’ as backing to juxtaposing images of diverse peoples from every corner of the world.

Apple has released its new diversity figures and the numbers are encouraging. The report shows that the Cupertino-based tech giant has completely closed the wage gap between men & women along with white & nonwhite employees. By digging into their compensation schedules from salaries to bonuses to stocks, Apple made sure to firmly tie role and performance into pay. Promisingly, the company’s hiring trend also showed improvement on the diversity front.

This steady improvement has earned praise from civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, who named diversity in the tech industry as the next frontier for the civil rights movement. Speaking to The Guardian, Mr. Jackson explained, “[Apple is] clearly setting the pace, making measurable progress for three consecutive years. They’ve acted with intention, not just aspiration.”

Paypal's Diversity Numbers

Find the full report on Apple’s official diversity page.