Month: July 2016

Top 30 Under 30: Nominations

No industry absorbs the energy and brilliance of young people like the industry of technology. Indeed, some of the most exciting tech companies in the world are run by leaders hardly in their 30s – or even younger. And in a future focused field that changes with such speed, it is no surprise that it is these younger generations making so many incredible strides promoting innovation. The National Diversity Council is proud to honor the young leaders at the forefront of that effort.   Criteria A leader, at the age of 30 or below, in his/her organization or profession...

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Empowering Employees

When I was in my mid-20s I got my first Training Manager job. Before I started working at MindFireInc. (that is the company’s name), I would say that I was pretty proactive and self-reliant. I had made my own way in the world, and I had already obtained a Master’s degree in Adult Education. However, I quickly learned that I needed to better – more accountable, more self-reliant, and more empowered. My boss, Dave Rosendahl, taught me this with one simple lesson. The company is a software development company, and while I have always had a knack for technology,...

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Nike CEO Speaks to Employees on Race

A lot has been said, and been done, by corporations in North Carolina to combat the disease of discrimination against the state’s LGBT citizens by the state itself. Many, however, are waiting for a similar reaction from the nation’s largest companies in protest of the terrible violence being inflicted on African-American men and women across the country. Corporate Activism Click Nike CEO and Chairman Mike Parker sent a letter to his employees reflecting on his thoughts of the past few weeks and calling for a better dialogue. Like many of you, I’m struggling to make sense of the incomprehensible....

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Shareholder Activism Will Help Women Thrive

On March 18, 2015, the United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) ruled that ExxonMobil must include in the company’s proxy statement my shareholder proposal for an annual report on gender pay equity. The shareholder-voting on the proposal won’t be finalized until the ExxonMobil annual meeting of shareholders in Dallas in late May. Whether or not my proposal secures a majority of the vote on the first try, it is time to encourage multiple people to duplicate my approach to push for greater transparency on women’s compensation relative to men’s at different levels of compensation. Some organizations are willing...

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Soaring Startups

Every day there seems to be a new think piece on the last, failing breath of the thriving startup culture in the technology industry. Every day, however, the entrepreneurial spirit driving that culture beats a touch stronger and new ideas, new inventions, new innovations give many more breaths to keep the culture suspended in air a while longer. Tech Diversity Magazine believes diverse backgrounds help drive diverse outlooks help drive those forward-thinking innovations. Now, National Diversity Council is proud to recognize the soaring startups from women and people of color that will push multiple industries several steps forward. GoldieBlox...

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