Month: April 2016

Technology Should Be Eye-Opening

I took great interest in Toyota’s March announcement of Project BLAID. It is a wearable device being developed to assist the blind and visually impaired with greater independence and mobility. It will integrate cameras and communication via vibrations and sound to interact with and direct a blind or visually impaired person to more easily locate such things as escalators and restrooms. “Mobility is a right, not a privilege.” Toyota hopes to provide the ‘freedom to move’ to everyone and that has pushed them past creating automobiles and into innovations like Project BLAID which will empower the visually impaired to...

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White House Announces Final Science Fair

The sixth and final White House Science Fair of President Obama’s Administration will be held on April 13, 2016 For the last five years, President Obama has invited students to bring their brilliance to the State Dining Room of the White House. Their creations ranged from rockets to robots to solar-powered cars and this year’s crop of future innovators are taking on some of the latest and greatest challenges facing the nation. They’re looking for ways to combat cancer, to stave off accelerating climate change, to reach for far off moons and planets. In this year’s Fair, The President...

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Inside Apple’s Diverse Workforce

Since I entered the work world all the way back in high school, I can’t think of many companies that strive for inclusion and diversity among its employees more than Apple. Over a few years, I personally was able to experience the advancements that Apple had put forth to make sure that their company was at the forefront in pushing diversity in the workplace, and beyond. When it comes to talent, I saw Apple seek talent from everywhere, making sure that – regardless of race, age, gender identity, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation – everyone has the equal opportunity...

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Tech Women Leaning In & Reaching Out

Top Tech Females Creating Inclusive and Diverse Workplaces Women like Maria Martinez and Tracy Keogh hold a place of honor in the tech industry for their tireless efforts promoting diversity and creating an inclusive environment for women in the workplace. Martinez, who is President of Sales and Customers Success at Salesforce, and Keogh, Chief Human Resources Officer for Hewlett-Packard, are among ten women recognized this year by Tech Diversity Magazine for promoting a legacy of diversity and inclusion within the industry. “Women in the technology industry face unique challenges, so highly successful female leaders inspire young women to face...

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Inspiring Cross-Cultural Dialogue: Multicultural Leaders in Tech

Eleven Multi-Cultural Honorees Work to Raise Inclusion to New Heights Vibrant and successful industries require leaders that inspire cross-cultural dialogue, celebrate diversity of thought and experience, and reach out in mentorship to inspire leadership growth within under-represented groups. The tech industry is no exception, and Tech Diversity Magazine is recognizing eleven of tech’s most notable multi-cultural leaders. These leaders understand how multi-cultural environments can strategically change the direction of an organization and directly contribute to business growth. The companies for which these multi-cultural leaders work are as diverse as the individuals themselves. There is Thermo-Fisher Scientific, at the forefront...

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National CIO Symposium

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